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1.           PRESENTATION.

Department T.M.R. operating in the Faculty of Engineering and Management Systems provides training in science mechanisms for students following faculties: Engineering and Management Systems, Transportation, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Materials Science and Engineering, Biotechnical Engineering Systems and Applied Sciences, studies master's and doctorate on the analysis, synthesis, modeling and control of intelligent mechanical systems.
Department of Theory of mechanisms and a robot is recognized by major scientific personalities, some of which include: prof.dr.doc.ş Nicolae Manolescu, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, considered the founder of the School of the Romanian theory Mechanisms, prof.dr.doc.ş Christian Pelecudi, vice president IFToMM (International Federation for the Promotion of Science mechanisms and machinery) in the period 1975-1979, prof.dr.doc.ş Radu C. Bogdan, rector of the Transylvania University of Brasov in the period 1975-1979, Romania's ambassador to Japan, scientific director of the Center for solids mechanics of the Romanian Academy.
In recognition of the value of scientific School Romanian mechanisms whose promoters are the personalities mentioned above, IFToMM included in the management of its staff in the Department of Theory of mechanisms and machinery, and our colleagues from the University or other universities and awarded Department MRT organizing international symposium IFToMM - SYROM.
Basic research and application in science and mechanisms of Robotics has been promoted at the international level through international symposia IFToMM, SYROM which were conducted with the following issues: SYROM'73, SYROM'77, SYROM'81, SYROM'85, SYROM ' 89, SYROM'93, SYROM'97, SYROM'01 and SYROM'05.
Prof.dr.doc. Christian PELECUDI, scientific personality internationally recognized a fundamental education in the academic field of Robotics in Romania is appreciated in this respect by the entire academic community specialiate. As founder of Robotics in our country has designed plans for education, initiated courses in the field, has promoted the work of scientific research, including specialized contracts being the creator of the first collective research project titled MEROTEHNICA of Robotics and initiator of the first scientific seminar of Robots Industrial national symposia and the National and International Industrial Robots, which took the first edition in 1981.
Teachers in the department have participated and are included in the Executive Committee, committees and specialized committees of the Federation of International Mechanisms for Promoting Science and auto-IFToMM, some of them occupying positions of leadership within the IFToMM.

Address where we can contact is:
No Splaiul Independence. 313, sector 6, postal code 060042, Bucharest,
JC Corp. 100-112.
Phone: 4021 402 9632

Head of Department:
Prof. Barbu GRECU
Phone: 40 (0) 21 402 9632; 40 (0) 21 402 9913

Prof. Adriana Comanescu
Phone: 40 (0) 21 402 9632; 40 (0) 21 402 9631
Phone / Fax: 40 (0) 21 316 95 84

Assoc. George Michael ADÎR
Phone: 40 (0) 21 402 9632; 40 (0) 21 40299252

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